Antique Camera

 Antique Camera

Real Antiques Given New Life

Many photo booths can be made to look "rustic", but few use actual antiques. Our Camera was built in 1908 making it more than 100 years old. Carefully modified to allow modern technology, we can undo all of our changes in less than 10 minutes and return the camera to its original condition. With a rich history before us, it should maintain a rich history after us.


0Paired with a late 1880's tripod this ensembles rich wood and brass pieces will enthral your guests. Add in our 1943 Underwood Typewriter we have converted to a USB Keyboard, your guests will not only get to enjoy the history, they will also get to interact with it while using all the modern conveniences of touch screen computers, high tech printers, and high quality DSLR photos.

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